We've already spotted one change in text selection on Android P with the redesigned more compact options pop-up, but there's one more nifty thing we didn't notice at first. When you change selected text in Android P, you'll see a small pop-up on top with a zoomed in view that shows you exactly where your selection begins and ends. Check it in action in the gif below.

It's a small change, but iOS has done this for as long as I remember and it makes the boundaries of text selection clearer, especially around spaces and thin letters like i or l.

For now, we've noticed that the behavior isn't consistent across all apps, so it works in Keep, the Chrome URL bar, Play Store changelogs and descriptions, but it doesn't seem to work for text in a Chrome page or in a Disqus comment box.

  • Thanks:
  • Fedor von Bock,
  •  Taylor Thomas,
  •  Mitchell Eve