Most of us are already aware of the existence of Chrome's hidden flag menu, which holds an exceedingly long list of toggles for experimental features, but what you probably don't know is that Android P now also includes a similar list that's hidden away in Settings.

To find the menu, you'll first need to have Developer options enabled. Then, under the appropriately named 'Feature flags' option, you'll see all eight flags that are currently present in Android P. Unlike the flags in Chrome, however, the flags here aren't very self-descriptive and it's not always obvious what each one actually does. Thankfully — and also unlike in Chrome — you do not need to restart your device for changes to take effect, so it's much easier to mess around and experiment with.

It's not entirely clear if the flags are here to stay in Android P or if they'll only be around for the developer previews. The menu is certainly hidden away well enough that casual users won't stumble upon it by accident, and having a single playground for adventurous users to test out features that Google is trying out is something that could make sense.

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  • Nick Cipriani