If you've been curious about the next version of Android, there's a hint that something special may be coming soon. Check the Android SDK Manager on this morning and you'll spot packages for a new API level: Android P. There are packages for the SDK itself, plus Android TV, Google APIs, and Google Play variants of emulator images for x86.

You can download the new packages right now to begin playing with them. As far as what you can learn from them, there may be some things to learn from running the emulator images. On the other hand, it's possible Google will be making announcements soon, so it might be worth keeping your eyes peeled. Either way, it's worth starting your downloads now before the traffic gets out of control.

As a follow-up, now that the official announcement has been made, Google has posted some of the important details for the new platform. To begin with, the Preview page is up with an assortment of guides detailing some of the new features relevant to developers. It's also critical to point out that the current version of the Android P SDK reflects an unfinished API, so you should expect to see breaking changes in the future.

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