Were Android Oreo's settings just too boring for you? Did they look too black-and-white? Good news - Android P's settings menu has a lot of color, as well as a revised quick search bar. If anyone else is getting reminded of TouchWiz (back when it was still called TouchWiz) and ZenUI, you're not alone.


left: Android Oreo. right: Android P.

That's right - each settings menu now has a colorful little icon to the left of it. The menus themselves are still the same, but they're now a little bit more eye-catching. I'm a fan of the little icons to add more differentiation between each block of text, though Google might have gone a little overboard with the colors. As mentioned previously, I'm getting serious TouchWiz/ZenUI vibes.

The search bar has also gotten a new coat of paint; it's now rounded, the 'Search settings' text has been moved to the center, and there's a little bit more padding all around it. I personally prefer how it is now, but hey, we apparently have to round all the things now. Hard to forget about that time on the left of the status bar, too.