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It's no secret that with cybercrime on the rise, protecting your online data with a VPN is essential. But the question remains: which VPNs are reliable and which VPNs are scams barely worth a free download?

If you've done any basic research, you've most likely come across Windscribe VPN, a relatively new provider out of Canada that has made its rounds amongst trusted reviewers and sites like PCWorld (which gave it 4/5 stars). Known for its outstanding Android app, Windscribe has made a splash with its free and pro versions — but the pro version is touted as well worth the price due to its unlimited data limits and simultaneous connections.

And although Windscribe's pro package is not the cheapest available, coming in at about $45 per year, the good news is that tech deal site StackSocial is currently offering plans at up to 92% off. Plus, Android Police readers can take an additional 15% off with code AP15. Here are some of the key features that make StackSocial's offering well worth it:

Download on an Unlimited Number of Devices

Most VPNs will give you a max of five downloads — if that — but Windscribe Pro provides unlimited downloads as well as simultaneous users. That means you can be running it on your phone and your desktop, which is a pretty realistic scenario that you'll definitely want in your VPN.

It supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android (including Amazon FireTV and Nvidia Shield), plus offers browser extensions for Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The browser extensions also block ads and trackers as an added bonus.

For VPN newbies: Windscribe configuration is super simple and user-friendly. After you install the software, you set it up once and never think about it again. From that point onwards, it runs quietly in the background, so you never have to waste your time continually changing settings.

Total Anonymity

Windscribe offers the highest level of protection from hackers and spies via OpenVPN encryption, recommended by most experts. But Windscribe also takes a few unique steps to add extra levels of anonymity that can be pretty rare for standard VPNs. Although they do recommend adding an email address to your account, it isn't required. You can also pay with a range of methods, including Bitcoin. Another cool security feature is the Generator, which takes the guesswork out of clicking on shortened links that could pack viruses, trackers, and malware.

Most importantly, Windscribe is super transparent about its logging policies. They collect some basic information like your OpenVPN username, the VPN server you’re connected to, the time of the connection — but don't keep logs of the important stuff like the sites you visit (the stuff that advertisers have been known to purchase off of ISPs and even free VPNs). Their total transparency around this is definitely refreshing.

Bonus: Watch Netflix with Its Browser Extension

A lot of folks pick up a VPN specifically to bypass the geographic content restrictions imposed by Netflix — some work and some don't. Windscribe may be the most committed VPN to making this service reliable, and easily accessible. Their "Windflix" browser extension allows you to access the full Netflix library (using your own subscription) with a click. Plus, the pro version is fast enough to stream HD — another plus for going that route.

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