The freedom of the open road is great until you get in a fender-bender and there's a dispute over whose fault it was. Dash cams come in handy at times like that, but good ones are pretty spendy. The Anker ROAV C1 Pro is usually around $130, but today only it's on sale at Amazon for $75.

The ROAV C1 Pro offers 2560X1440 resolution, so it's even higher than 1080p. This is useful if you need to zoom in on a frame, but I think Anker is a little confused how resolution works (see below). The camera records to an included 32GB microSD card. In addition to the SD card, the C1 Pro comes with a 2-port Anker car charger.

I don't think that's how resolution works, but okay.

There's an integrated 2.4-inch LCD to view your video on the device itself. You can export the video by either removing the card or using the ROAV app for Android. The camera has WiFi, so you can connect directly and download videos. The app doesn't have the best reviews, but it's better than nothing.

Anker's store still lists this dash cam for $130, but the Amazon price of $74.99 is only good today. It comes with free one-day shipping for Prime subscribers as well.