For most people, using the SiriusXM Android app in their car is probably something of a corner-case. Many head units that support Android Auto are compatible with SiriusXM satellite radio tuners. But just in case you'd prefer to navigate by voice or get your music delivered via LTE rather than satellite, the SiriusXM app for Android now works with Android Auto. 

This latest update to 4.3.0 brings the feature, and the full changelog is included just below:

- We now support Android Auto!
- Connect your phone to your car and tune to Favorites, Recents, Downloads, and more right from your built-in display
- Tune to any channel by tapping the microphone and saying "Play (channel name) on SiriusXM"
- The app also contains bug fixes and performance enhancements

Again, for most subscribers, this probably isn't game-changing. I would expect that many people who use the service already have satellite-based tuners in their cars, but we still personally get excited when apps get Android Auto support. Plus, with Android Auto integration you also get the added benefits of voice commands and potentially improved visual feedback.

Download the latest update over on Google Play, or APK Mirror.

Price: Free