If you're a parent, you're likely somewhat concerned about the kind of content your kids consume, and you might even try to manage or limit what they can or can't watch. Today, Netflix has said it will begin rolling out some improvements to its parental control tools to make content access more granular and more transparent, helping parents better manage what they want their kids to see.

Netflix already provides some basic level of parental controls by allowing parents to PIN-restrict the content their children have access to based on its maturity level, ranging from 'Little Kids' (exclusively content that's rated G) to 'Adults' (content rated R or similar). Now, parents will also be able to pick specific titles they don't want their children to access, regardless of their content rating.

Another change is that users will now see the maturity rating of a movie or show as soon at it starts playing, along with a short snippet of why the title was given that rating. This will likely be convenient even for those who aren't particularly concerned about parental controls: if you're particularly squeamish but don't mind putting up with some profanity, you'll certainly appreciate the heads-up that a movie contains blood in it, even if you couldn't have guessed it from its maturity rating.

Netflix has stated that it's "rolling out these improvements across the many devices used by Netflix members, and across our global markets, in the coming months," so expect to see them sometime soon(-ish).