Lyft isn't just for quick trips to the store or a friend's home - it's becoming one of the top options for medical transportation. Two years ago, the company began working with the National Medtrans Network in New York City to drive people to non-emergency medical appointments. The service, called Lyft Concierge, allowed the organization to book rides on behalf of patients (many of whom were seniors without a smartphone).

Earlier this year, Lyft announced that Concierge would be available to more groups and companies. Lyft is still directly working with medical and health organizations, and recently announced a new partnership with AllScripts Healthcare Solutions.

Lyft has integrated its Concierge API into AllScripts' platform, enabling any hospital or practice using AllScripts' management software to schedule rides for patients. The blog post claims AllScripts' platform has a reach of 7.2 million patients. Lyft gets more customers, Lyft drivers get more business, and patients can get to their appointments more easily. That seems like a win all around.

Lyft has also been working with CareLinx (a professional caregiver marketplace), GoGoGrandparent (a phone service for booking Uber/Lyft rides for seniors), and other companies. You can find more information at the source link below.