Travel and destination discovery apps are a dime a hundred (not even a dozen) on the Play Store, but there are still a few names I come back to again and again. Google's own Trips is one of them because it helps me organize everything as well as see popular places to visit, organize day trips, and get discounts on tours, but I have yet to find a nice app just for the discovery of new destinations. I usually resort to a simple Google search or check Atlas Obscura or Rough Guides, but this new app by Lonely Planet might dethrone those options.

Trips, as it's so aptly called, is the second app by Lonely Planet on the Play Store. While Guides, the first one, was all about organizing your travel and seeing which places to visit, Trips is more focused on the story telling and the photos behind a trip. Travelers sign in and upload their own journeys with photos, videos, comments, tips, impressions, and even a map of the different places visited. You can just explore those stories or sign in as well (Google, Facebook, and Twitter are supported) to share your own travels. And as with all social apps of the kind, you can share, like, follow, and search.

Trips is clean and puts the emphasis on the imagery and titles, plus the interface is very smooth and since it's been available on iOS for half a year, it's already well populated with stories. You can give it a try for free on the Play Store from the widget below.

Trips by Lonely Planet
Trips by Lonely Planet
Developer: Lonely Planet
Price: Free