August's door locks have been supported on Google Assistant (and thus Home) for a long time, but you had to voice your request as, "Ok Google, ask August to lock the door." That Actions on Google / Assistant Apps integration had a few drawbacks like being dependent on Voice Match and talking back to you in a different voice (you can read about its limitations in our ultimate Google Home guide). But about a month ago, we noticed that the August Home was showing up as a direct service under Home control, which meant that you didn't need to ask or tell or talk to August anymore, and it wasn't voice-dependent either (again, you can check the distinction between this and Assistant apps in our previously linked guide). Now the latter has been officially announced.

You can tell Assistant on your phone or Home to lock your door, ask if the door is locked, and if you have an August Smart Lock or August Smart Lock Pro, both of which support DoorSense, you can ask it if your door is closed or open.

Your lock has to be connected to a WiFi bridge or to an August Doorbell camera for this to work, since Assistant will talk to it over WiFi. And if you were using the previous "ask August to..." action, you need to link the new one by opening the Assistant settings either from the Assistant or the Google Home app, then go to Home control, then tap the plus sign to add new devices, and sign in with your August account. But once that's done, you should have a better integration for your lock than the previous one.