IFTTT, the service that connects all of your smart gadgets, services, websites, and various other sources with each other in an automated "if this happens here do that there," has made one neat improvement to its Notifications channel on Android. Previously, when you created an applet that triggered a notification on your phone, you could only personalize the message it displayed and it always opened the IFTTT app when tapped. Now you can also change its name, add a custom URL to be opened when you tap it, and append a custom image.

That not only lets you customize what you see in your notification shade, but it also lets you get more info from it. The URL and image can make use of the variables available to the action, so you may be able to get it to show you a snapshot taken by your security camera for example, or the image uploaded by someone on Instagram.

Above: New rich notification settings + result. Below: Existing regular notification.

What's New

+ Create your own customized, rich notifications! We introduced a new action for the Notifications service that allows you to customize a notification's link, image, title, and message. Before this update, you could only customize the message and every notification always opened the IFTTT app. Try out the new action in your own Applet creations!
+ Now when you search for services, the app will return up to 15 results.

The feature is already live in the IFTTT app on the Play Store so you can download it from the link below to give it try, and do let me know what neat uses you have for it.

Developer: IFTTT, Inc
Price: Free+