As a fairly regular Twitter user, I often find myself scrolling through my timeline during brief moments of inactivity (sometimes out of compulsive habit). Oftentimes, something will catch my eye, but I do not have time to follow through on it. If it's a link to an article, adding the webpage to Pocket is a quick enough process, but I'd like to go back to look at specific tweets sometimes, too. Thankfully, Twitter has implemented such a feature.

Bookmarks has been in testing for a few months now, but Twitter officially introduced it today in a blog post. It is separated from liking and retweeting thanks to a new share icon, which contains the option to bookmark, share in a DM, and the ability to send the tweet to someone outside of Twitter via the intents menu. Slide open the side drawer in the official app and select "Bookmarks" to view everything you've saved.

I currently do not have this on any of my devices, but Twitter says that Bookmarks are currently rolling out globally to Android, iOS, Lite, and the mobile site.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free+