Passwords are a necessary nuisance in our modern digital lives: they help keep our accounts and personal data safe, but they're a hassle to keep track of and type out every time you need to log in somewhere. Android's Smart Lock for Passwords makes everything much easier by letting users automatically logging in on Android, as long as the password is synced to their Google account. Somewhat unfortunately, though, each app has to be updated to work with Smart Lock, so support isn't as ubiquitous as one could hope. Thankfully, many developers eventually do add support for Smart Lock, and the NBC app is just the latest one on that list.

The full changelog for version 4.15.1 of the app also includes some other points, but they're essentially just filler content; the most significant one is Smart Lock support.

  • New series! Watch the first episodes of A.P. BIO and more.
  • Added support for Android Smart Lock for Passwords to make using your NBC Profile even easier.
  • We update our app regularly to improve performance, reduce bugs, and make it easier for you to watch the shows you love. To make sure you don’t miss a thing, just keep your Updates turned on.

You can update the NBC app to try out signing in to your NBC profile via Smart Lock, though we had some trouble getting it to work at first. Artem eventually managed to get the prompt to save his password, and Smart Lock finally began working as expected. Let us know if Smart Lock on the NBC app works for you.