A new feature has cropped up in the Google Express app: the ability to tap NFC-enabled credit cards to phones to add them as payment methods. Doing so will automatically populate the card number and expiration date fields, but you’ll still have to add the security code manually.

During checkout, an NFC button now appears in the “add new card” menu. A cute little drawing in Google’s trademark colorful style explains the process, which is pretty straightforward. It’s not much faster than using your phone’s camera, but it feels sleek and futuristic.

You'll know your card is compatible if it has an NFC symbol somewhere on it. Cards with NFC are still a relative rarity, so the feature might not see much use in the near-term. Still, I didn’t have any trouble using it to add an NFC card from Capital One to my account. You can’t currently use NFC to add a card to Google Pay, so the Google Express app seems to be the only place you can add a card to your account this way for the time being.