As Google so aptly states, we often pose nuanced, and sometimes ambiguous, questions to our favorite search engines. While we as humans often understand such questions in context, especially if we know each other well, search engines are not that smart or aware. Google is hoping to address that with the addition of its new multi-faceted featured search snippets.

The basic premise is this: you enter a nuanced query – that is, one that is not explicit in and of itself – and Google returns multiple answers to you, each meant to address a different meaning behind your question. In the example given, the search "garden needs full sun?" could have multiple implications. Google returns with two possibilities: what plants need full sun to grow and what counts as full sun. Both of those are legitimate questions (especially for someone like me who doesn't know much about gardening), so Google is attempting to save you some time by providing them simultaneously in your search.

Going forward, Google hopes to expand these multiple answers to multi-faceted queries, especially for ones that have several possible intentions. I was able to test this out for myself, using the garden example, on my phone, but my desktop only retrieved one of the two answers. Odds are that this is still rolling out to everyone, so if you don't see it, sit tight and be patient.