Today is a big day for G Suite customers. Not only did Hangouts Chat finally launch, but Google is adding some new features to other core programs in its office productivity suite. This is all, of course, to help teams respond to their business needs faster by giving them better, easier ways to manage projects.

The first piece is Hangouts Chat, Google's internal team chat Slack competitor. We already posted about it earlier, so I won't rehash what's been said, but G Suite users will be able to move seamlessly between Chat and Meet. Moving on, Calendar is getting further AI improvements to streamline processes like scheduling meetings and booking conference rooms. These rooms will be suggested based on how many people are attending, A/V needs, capacity requirements, and employee building/floor location.

Finally, Docs is getting Quick Access, which suggests relevant documents from Drive to fill-in data. This, obviously, uses AI and looks for cues like recent Drive activity and document information. It allows teams to create new material quicker and to utilize the most recent, up-to-date information that their organizations have available.

All of this is available for G Suite customers today.