March 27 is shaping up to be an interesting day. Huawei already announced it would be the day it'll launch the Huawei P20 in Paris and now Xiaomi is stealing its thunder with its very own high-profile announcement: the new Mi Mix 2S will be unveiled at the same date.

Xiaomi was one of the first companies to go for the bezelless design with its original Mi Mix, then it followed it up with the Mi Mix 2 in September of 2017, which brought a more refined design and even higher-end specs. The rumor mill for the upgraded Mi Mix 2S has been over-active in the last month, and there was even a leaked image that showed an iPhone X-like notch, which turned out to be likely fake. So we still don't really know what the Mi Mix 2S will look like, but we only have about a month to wait.

Xiaomi's Global Spokesperson, Donovan Sung, announced the news on Twitter saying the Mi Mix 2S is coming on March 27 with a Snapdragon 845. That's already one step above the Mix 2's Snapdragon 835. The "273741" number appears to be its Antutu score, and might be the reason it's launching on 27/3. Other unconfirmed rumors mention a 3400mAh battery, 2160x1080 18:9 display, Android Oreo, and iPhone-like gesture navigation.