We all like to rant about things that we'd like to change on our phones, but there simply aren't any real opportunities to do so most of the time. But if you own a Pixel device of some sort and you're dissatisfied with some aspect of settings or the setup process, the Pixel team is collecting feedback on reddit right now.

/u/PixelCommunity, an official Google-run account as confirmed by mod /u/sloth_on_meth (I just wanted to write that out), has posted a thread in r/GooglePixel asking for feedback from Pixel users on how settings or device configurations could be improved. As we all know, actually getting companies to listen can often be difficult, so don't let this chance pass up if you have something you think could be beneficial.

The Pixel team has five questions in particular:

  1. There's a setting you constantly have to manage yourself (e.g. you turn Bluetooth on and off 10 times a day)
  2. There's a setting you love, but wish you had found out about earlier (e.g. you are a big DND user, but never realized there was a DND scheduling feature)
  3. There's a setting or configuration you wish your phone could be smarter about (e.g. why can't my Pixel put itself in airplane mode when I'm taking off in a plane?)
  4. There's a setting or configuration you wish your phone could remind you about (e.g. I wish my phone could make sure I don't forget to silence my phone at work)
  5. There are settings you changed the second you setup your phone (e.g. I turned off haptic feedback right away after setting up my Pixel)

Head over to the reddit thread in the source link if you have something to contribute. Remember: comment your suggestions in the reddit thread, not here, if you'd like them to actually be seen by members of the Pixel team. We'll reserve our comments section for jokes about Allo and its sticker packs.