Essential has been steadily instilling more and more features into the PH-1, many of which have concerned the camera. Most recently, the Essential Camera app has seen autoHDR and 360-degree live-streaming added. Today Essential announced via Twitter that Tiny Planet mode and "flash" for the front-facing camera (read: white burst from the screen) are bundled in the latest Essential Camera update.

Check out all of the Land Cruisers in the background!

Tiny Planet mode is what you see above; it essentially (pun not intended) creates a "tiny planet" with you in the center. You'll be able to look at all of your 360-degree photos and videos as Tiny Planets with the tap of a button, and you can edit and share them as well. You can also save stills from Tiny Planet videos. And as several phones without physical front-facing flashes do, the "selfie flash" feature simply lights up the screen with a sea of white while a photo is being taken for the illusion of a flash.

Here's the full changelog for your perusal:


  • Introducing a new mode: Tiny Planet (Beta)
  • View all your 360 photos and videos as Tiny Planets with just a tap
  • Edit, save and share your 360 photos and videos as Tiny Planet right from in the Essential Camera app
  • Capture still images from your Tiny Planet videos
  • Selfie flash: Screen illuminates when taking a picture with the front camera in low light
  • Stability fixes

The update is already live on the Play Store as version PH-1 owners, let us know how you find the new camera additions.

Essential Camera
Essential Camera
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