Having a nice lawn goes a long way in terms of how people see your house, but many people don't know or don't have time for proper sprinkling schedules and such. Luckily, Woot is running a discount on the 8-zone and 16-zone second-gen Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers for $124.99 and $154.99, respectively. Woot has hosted these deals several times before, though these are the lowest prices we've seen thus far.

The Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controllers allows you to set custom, intricate watering schedules for your home sprinkler system. It can also tell when it's rained and your lawn is moist so that it can adjust accordingly. It's controllable from your phone and your computer, and it has Alexa, Nest, and IFTTT integration. Like the name says, it's smart. Plus, Artem has one of these and absolutely loves it.

An 8-zone system will run you $124.99, and a 16-zone will cost $30 extra. As of publishing time, there are about five hours left on the deal, so don't wait if you're interested. Shipping is free for Amazon Prime members, though it's only $5 extra for non-members. If you've been trying to take better care of your lawn, you should definitely consider one of these.