ZTE doesn't have the glitz and glamor of Samsung, but it sells a surprising number of phones. The company is on-hand at Mobile World Congress to show off its latest devices. There's the Blade V9 (above), which is a run-of-the-mill budget Android phone. Then we have the Tempo Go, which is the first Android Go phone from ZTE. In fact, it'll be the first Android Go phone in the US (although it might have a different name).

The Blade V9 isn't going to blow you away in the spec department, but it has all the basics. The biggest improvement over older ZTE phones is that the V9 includes a taller 18:9 screen and narrower bezels. Here's what it's packing.

ZTE Blade V9

SoC: Snapdragon 450


Storage: 32GB, 64GB

Display: 5.7-inch 1080p 18:9 LCD

Battery: 3,200mAh

Camera: 16MP+5MP, 8MP (13MP interpolated) front

Software: Android Oreo

Measurements: 151.4x70.6x7.5mm

Other: NFC varies by market

ZTE is talking up the new 18:9 display, which offers an 83.6% screen-to-body ratio. Indeed, the Blade V9 looks like a modern phone with solid industrial design. Like many phones these days, the Blade V9 has an aluminum frame and glass on the back.

The camera is also something to note. ZTE says the secondary 5MP camera array is optimized for low-light conditions, so it'll switch to that one automatically. We don't know what makes that camera better for low-light, but it's only 5MP resolution. It may simply have larger pixels.

ZTE isn't talking about a version of the Blade V9 for the North American market. It's only for Spain, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and China right now. It may arrive later with US carrier branding and some minor design changes. Nothing called the "Blade V9" is expected to launch in the US. Carriers might also swap in a Type-C port for the microUSB version announced today.

Press Release

The New ZTE Blade V9, A Life Without Limits

The ZTE Blade V9 will be available in Spain, Germany, Russia, Mexico, and China

Barcelona, Spain – February 25, 2018 – ZTE Mobile Devices today announced the new ZTE Blade V9 smartphone, featuring a full screen design and industry leading low-light camera capabilities that empower consumers to explore the world and experience more.

The sleek and effortless design of the ZTE Blade V9 features an industry leading screen-to-body ratio of 83.6%, and provides a superior user experience that allows consumers to quickly and efficiently navigate with minimal reach. Furthermore, the dual camera low-light technology enables consumers to capture clear and stunning nighttime photographs and experience low-light photography like never before.

“The ZTE Blade V9 has redefined the mid-tier industry segment and provides a platform for consumers to truly live without limits,” said Lixin Cheng, CEO of ZTE Mobile Devices. “The low-light camera, full screen design, and other leading features of the ZTE Blade V9 provide everything consumers need for a life of exploration, and at an affordable price.”

Low-light Camera

With the ZTE Blade V9 low-light camera, consumers can now capture those moments that make us wonder and dream, the moments that feel magical, the moments when we fall in love, and the moments when the world around us fades away. There is something special about the night, and the ZTE Blade V9 camera enables consumers to capture this magic.

The low-light camera also provides consumers greater freedom – we are no longer limited by daylight, and we no longer have to settle for less at night. We can find the perfect shot right now, anytime.

Full Screen and Screen-to-Body Ratio

The ZTE Blade V9 5.7 inch FHD+ screen and 18:9 aspect ratio provide expanded views for photos, videos, internet browsing, and video games. With the ZTE Blade V9, we are providing more screen for the smartphone body:

  • Longer screen (18:9) views allow users to quickly and more efficiently browse through content.
  • Faster and more efficient navigation due to industry leading screen-to-body ratio of 6%.
  • Wider views for photos, videos, internet browsing, and video games.
  • More opportunities for unique combination photos.

“To provide meaningful innovation that enables consumers to experience more of the world around them is the best part of my job, and it is what truly motivates me,” continued Cheng. “We hope as consumers experience and explore more with leading features such as the low-light camera, they will share those experiences with us.”

ZTE will display the iF Design Award-winning ZTE Blade V9 during MWC 2018 at the ZTE Booth (3F30, HALL 3) in addition to the ZTE Axon M, ZTE 1.2Gbps smartphone, connected car demonstration, and IoT products and solutions.

The Tempo will be an Android Go phone, so that should tell you something about the hardware. This is a cheap phone, but you'll get all those optimized Google apps out of the box. Here are the specs.

ZTE Tempo

SoC: Qualcomm 210


Storage: 8GB

Display: 5-inch 480x854

Battery: 2,200mAh

Camera: 5MP, 2MP front

Software: Android Go

Measurements: 145.5x72x9.15mm


With those modest specs, ZTE will be able to sell the Tempo with a recommended price of $79.99. However, this phone will most likely come to the US via a carrier that might want to rebrand it. That might also include different pricing.

Press Release

ZTE Launches the First Android Oreo (Go edition) Device based on Qualcomm Snapdragon Mobile Platform

The ZTE Tempo Go is now available for under $80

Richardson, Texas – Feb. 25, 2018 – ZTE USA, the fourth largest smartphone supplier in the U.S.*, today announced that the ZTE Tempo Go is the first Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphone, utilizing the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ Mobile Platform, available for consumers. Providing an optimized experience with Android Oreo (Go edition), the ZTE Tempo Go is sold unlocked for GSM/UMTS/LTE networks and is available online at www.zteusa.com/TempoGo for $79.99.

“Offering the first Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphone based on the Snapdragon Mobile Platform showcases how ZTE keeps the consumer at the heart of everything it does, designs and delivers,” said Jeff Yee, VP of Product Strategy and Marketing at ZTE Mobile Devices. “The ZTE Tempo Go provides consumers with an optimized, powerful Android experience designed to allow them to do more on an entry-level smartphone than ever before.”

“We are excited to work with ZTE to implement Android Oreo (Go edition) within our Snapdragon 210 Mobile Platform,” said Nancy Fares, Vice President of Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Consumers will receive the reliability and security of the Android operating system without any compromises – providing them with the experience, performance and capability of an affordable, excellent smartphone.”

Utilizing the Snapdragon 210 Mobile Platform and incorporating 8GB of storage, the ZTE Tempo Go takes full advantage of Android Oreo (Go edition) and its features. Along with additional available storage, better performance, data-saving capabilities, and more, consumers will now receive Google Assistant Go, enabling them to ask questions and receive help throughout the day. Further, with Android Oreo (Go edition), a custom version of Google Play will be integrated within, allowing users to download any app as well as highlight apps that are optimized for the ZTE Tempo Go.

For just under $80, the ZTE Tempo Go provides the perfect blend of technology and features, which also includes a 5MP rear and 2MP front-facing camera and a 2,200mAh battery that can last all day. For a full list of phone specifications and features visit www.zteusa.com/TempoGo.