Product Hunt is one of the sites I always hear about and come across but never dared visit more than a few seconds each time because I knew I would get sucked in eternally. I love new products, be it gadgets or services, so becoming invested in a site whose sole purpose is to surface these to me is like my kryptonite. I have neither the money nor the time to allow myself such a luxury. But for those of you who like the site and can control your urges to buy/try/read everything on there, there are now* two apps to try out on Android. *I say now, but they've been available for a couple of days, we just got around to writing about them.

The first is the official Product Hunt app and it's still in an "unreleased" state but you should be able to download it directly without joining any beta. It lets you browse the Product Hunt recommendations, upvote and view the products, search for something, and check what your friends have upvoted and saved.


The second app is less about products and more about news. Sip is like a blurb-based tech news app and it focuses on showing breaking news and other important stories from the day. If the blurb piques your interest, the rest of the story is only a swipe away. And you can always voice your opinion about topics.

Both apps are free on the Play Store so if you're interested, you can grab them from the download links below.

Product Hunt
Product Hunt
Developer: Product Hunt
Price: Free