Many open-source projects, LineageOS included, live by the same motto - 'don't ask for an ETA.' Most developers of Lineage have other jobs and responsibilities, so large undertakings (like creating a new major update) take time. At long last, the waiting is over - LineageOS 15.1 is official, and it's coming to a device near you.

The team wrote a blog post about Lineage's transition to Oreo. As you might expect, most of the work involved Project Treble, the new AOSP component that separates low-level device drivers from the rest of Android. The team has also performed a major code cleanup, and all remaining references of the old CyanogenMod have been removed. As you may have guessed from the version name, Lineage has skipped Android 8.0 - v15.1 uses 8.1 as a base.

New features

In addition to porting over most of the great features from 14.1, there is some new functionality as well. You can now set custom accent colors, and change between a light and dark UI (something that Google still hasn't implemented). The new 'Automagic' feature can even change themes automatically based on your current wallpaper, similar to a software feature on the Google Pixels.

The 'Trebuchet' launcher that has been a staple of CyanogenMod and Lineage for years is getting a major update too. It now supports icon packs and adaptive icons, and removes some redundant features. Like on the Pixel Launcher (and some third-party apps), you can also change what icon shape is used.

Finally, Lineage has added a QR code scanner to the Camera app, which I've been asking Google to do for years. I know QR codes aren't widespread these days, but there's no reason I should download another app (or open a web app) for when I do need to read one.

XDA Developers put together a video highlighting LineageOS 15.1's features, if you want to see these in action.

Device support

LineageOS 15.1 nighties will begin this Monday (February 26), and as you might expect, it won't hit every 14.1 device right away. There is some work maintainers have to do for the switch to Oreo, which may or may not happen for your particular phone or tablet.

Here is the first batch of 15.1 devices:

The announcement says certain devices cannot be ported to 15.1 right now, due to conflicts with the HAL1 camera recorder, but that is being worked on.

You can find detailed download and upgrading instructions from the source link below. Now is also a great time to donate to LineageOS, which I definitely recommend if you have the means to do so.