When Jeff reviewed in super amazing detail the DJI Spark drone, he loved nearly everything about it from its portability to its build quality and resulting images, but two of his main concerns were related to the terrible Android app and the lack of a controller in the box. Back then, it would have cost you $499 to get the Spark alone and then $150 for the controller, which saves you from using the app a lot. Now, a mere 5 months later, both can be had in one neat bundle at B&H for $349 total. That's nearly half the price.

Sure, the Spark itself dropped since then to $349 and you can get it for that amount right now from many online retailers. But B&H is sweetening that price drop by offering the remote controller, which is now valued at $115, for free with the purchase of a standard Spark package (no batteries or add-ons). However, not all colors are equal. Some are more expensive even though all come with the remote:

I'm not sure why there's such a difference in price (maybe there's less demand for green because it might be difficult to spot from afar if it lands on some grass?), but it is what it is. Oh and remember, since this is B&H, there's no tax collected outside NY and NJ. That might add up to even more savings if you were considering buying the Spark elsewhere.