Probably the single most appreciated aspect of Android is its capacity for extensive customization, and many first dip their toes into those tailor-made waters with a custom launcher. It's been six years since we first asked this question, and we've come back to it regularly. But it's time to ask it again: Do you use a custom launcher?

Every once in a while we like to revisit the same subject as an earlier poll, just to see how opinions may have changed. Curiously, the last couple times we asked this question the numbers didn't change, with the same general distribution persisting across the two-year gap. In prior polls, around 2/3 of people responded as using a custom launcher, while 1/4 said they previously did, and the remaining balance claimed never to have.

Personally, I used to use Nova back in the day, then I switched to the Google Now Launcher for several years. Now I use the Pixel Launcher (on my Pixel 2 XL), so my days of custom launchers are over. Over time my tastes for extreme customization have waned, and apart from a large custom KWGT and specific folder groupings, I don't really put forward the effort to tweak things quite so much anymore.

But, not all our readers can agree with that sentiment, which is understandable. What about you? Do you use a custom launcher?

For comparison purposes the questions on this poll remain the same as in previous polls, but let's refine things just a bit. When we mean a "custom launcher," we mean a launcher that your phone didn't ship with. So if you use the Pixel Launcher on a Pixel 2, that's not really using a custom launcher, whereas sideloading the Pixel Launcher onto a OnePlus 5T is using a custom launcher. If you are running a custom ROM and using the ROM's stock launcher, consider that a vote for "no" as well.

Are you using a custom launcher on your phone?

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