A GoPro is great if you want to record some action shots in wide-angle, but what about when a fisheye lens isn't wide enough? If you want to record your entire surroundings while barreling down the ski slopes, anything less than a 360-degree view just doesn't cut it. Sure, you could jerry-rig 6 GoPros together onto a twelve-hundred-dollar mount, but what if you want to spend a little less than three grand?

Fortunately, Samsung's 2017 edition of the Gear 360 is on sale right now for just $135.45 on Amazon — over 40% off its initial retail price. This price is the lowest we've seen yet: it was on sale for $150 back in December, which was already cheaper than the $163 price for Black Friday.

The 2017 version of the Samsung Gear 360 is a handheld 360-degree camera comprised of two 8.4MP CMOS fisheye lenses, and can shoot 15MP photos and 4K video at up to 24fps. It's also IP53 water-resistant, so it can probably handle a few splashes of water here and there.