ASUS has made some of the best all-around Chromebooks over the years. Just over a year ago, the company released the Chromebook Flip C302CA, a $499 model competing with the Samsung Chromebook Plus/Pro. It's still one of the best Chrome OS devices on the market, with its full-HD 13-inch display, 2-in-1 design, backlit keyboard, and dual Type-C ports. I've used one as my main laptop for about eight months now, and it served me well.

The C302 was initially only available with an Intel Core m3 CPU and 4GB of RAM, which is certainly speedy on Chrome OS, but wasn't quite enough for power users. ASUS released a Core m5 model a few months ago for $650, but if you desperately needed more horsepower, the company is now selling a C302 with the Intel Core m7 CPU and 16GB of RAM. The only problem? It costs $979.

While the Intel Core m7 6Y75 processor is certainly a step up from the m3 and m5, it can't quite justify the high asking price. The base model Pixelbook, which is currently $899 ($100 off) from the Google Store, has a much beefier Intel Core i5-7Y57. Not only is the i5 a newer chip design (7th gen vs 6th gen), but it has more powerful integrated graphics and a slightly higher boost clock. Even though that Pixelbook model only has 8GB of RAM, Chrome OS is much lighter on memory usage than Windows or macOS, and you get the Pixelbook's more premium design and 3:2 display.

If you still really want to buy one, you can get it from Amazon, Jet, NewEgg, Adorama, CDW, and TigerDirect. Some of those sites, like Amazon and CDW, currently have it priced at $911-929.