Magisk, one of the most recognized and well-known rooting solutions around, has just received an update to version 16.0. The update comes just a short week after version 15.4 was released, and includes a bootloop fix, support for Huawei and Honor devices with Treble (the Mate 10, 10 Pro, and View 10), and a few other changes.

According to Magisk lead developer topjohnwu (aka John Wu), Project Treble makes adding support for Magisk much easier — he was able to get everything up and running in around just six hours.

In addition to these changes, topjohnwu has announced that his Android library for root app developers, known as libsu, is finally fully documented and ready to be properly released. The library provides developers with APIs to access a Unix root shell, making creating root apps much easier.

Finally, John Wu ended by saying that he'll essentially be AFK for a while: he's serving his obligatory military service over the coming four months and won't have time or be able to work on Magisk during that period. He says he may eventually get a weekend here and there when he might be able to check off some quick issues, but for the most part hopes that the work he's put in over the past few weeks will be able to satisfy the community until he gets back.