The Lamborghini Aventador S is an engineering marvel, what with its 740-horsepower V12, all-wheel drive system, rear-wheel steering, and so on. It is getting a little long in the tooth now, thanks in part to its older single-clutch transmission, but Lamborghini added Apple CarPlay support to the Aventador S for the 2017 model year to spice things up a bit. For the 2018 model, Android Auto support is on board as well. At $417,650, that makes this the single most expensive car that supports Android Auto on the market.

Here's what Lamborghini's Android Auto page looks like now:

Android Auto is compatible with the following vehicles.

  • Aventador 2018-

Android Auto is coming soon to the following vehicles.

  • Centenario 2016-
  • Huracán 2019-
  • Urus 2019-

The 2018+ Aventador is a brand-new addition to the list, making it the only Lamborghini product currently available with Android Auto. The super-limited Centenario and 2019+ Huracán were already listed under the "coming soon" list, with the 2019+ Urus crossover being the only new car there. The odds that the owner of any one of 40 Centenarios will take their car to Lamborghini to have Android Auto retrofitted is little to none, though.

Though I doubt any Aventador owner really took Android Auto compatibility into consideration when purchasing one, it'll be available on 2018 model-year Aventadors and beyond if you want it. Just try not to use it while you're applying any more than 10% throttle, because the slowness and bugginess of Google's in-car system will probably make your $400k+ driving experience less than optimal.