David Marquardt's Glitch Dash is his third game released on the Play Store, and oh boy did he ever hit this one out of the park. Unlike most auto-runners, this is not a game for casuals. The difficulty is high, and it only gets higher the further you progress. Now I'm not saying this to scare away players as this is a beautiful running game that is a blast to play, but rest assured it will be quite a challenge to reach the end.

When you first boot up Glitch Dash, you will have to play through an intro level that teaches you the primary controls of the game. Like most auto-runners, you will swipe up to jump, swipe down to duck, and swipe left and right to move in those corresponding directions. Your main goal is to make it through each stage. Your secondary goal is to collect all of the pink diamonds scattered throughout those stages. Now the thing is, it can be pretty difficult to make it through a level without dying. Luckily there are optional advertisements you can watch after you die to unlock a free checkpoint so that you can pick up where you last left off. You can also buy extra checkpoints through some of the game's in-app purchases.

Luckily you can easily ignore the smaller IAPs if you unlock the full content of the title for $9.99. And if you feel that is too expensive for an auto-runner you also have the option to purchase unlimited lives for $1.99. These unlimited lives don't help too much with the game's checkpoints, but they do guarantee that you can play as much as you like. Basically, free players have a few limitations that push towards IAPs while those that are willing to pay will have the option of a tiered premium experience. This is great for those that want to test the game out before spending any money, which seems fair to me.

As for the gameplay, well, it's your basic auto-runner, just with a higher skill floor. What really sets it apart from the majority of auto-runners is how it looks. This is a gorgeous game, especially if you crank up the graphical setting to high and 60fps. Movement is buttery smooth, and watching each level build itself as you run through it is quite enthralling. Oh, and have I mentioned the music? Because if not I would like to point out that the funky techno beats backing the gameplay are very fitting.

So far I have been enjoying my time with Glitch Dash. Sure, it may take a good bit of memorization to get through some of the more difficult levels, but to me, that only provides more of a reason to keep playing. While it's clear that auto-runners are nothing new on Android, it is nice to see one that actually offers a challenge while keeping a fair pricing model. It also doesn't hurt that the game has a very original look that just has to be seen in action. If you are looking for a new auto-runner to work your way through that isn't simply more of the same casual BS, definitely give Glitch Dash a look.

Glitch Dash
Glitch Dash
Developer: Rogue Games, Inc.
Price: Free+