The Server Message Block protocol, better known as SMB, is one of the most popular ways to transfer files over a network. It has been built into Windows for over 20 years (and the open-source Samba implementation is frequently used on other OSes), but version 1.0 has largely fallen out of use thanks to several major security vulnerabilities. Microsoft deprecated SMBv1 in 2014, and Windows 10 no longer includes it.

Solid Explorer has been a popular Android file manager for years, but it still only worked with SMBv1 shares. In other words, users had to leave their file servers open to security risks to view their contents on Solid Explorer. Now the app has been updated to support SMBv2, which is a great deal more secure. Here's the full changelog:

- support for SMB 2
- improved Oreo compatibility
- Phone permission is no longer required
- text editor crashes
- cloud file transfer freezes
- fixed FTP server plugin issues
- many small bug fixes

You can download the latest version of Solid Explorer from the Play Store below, or from APKMirror. If you absolutely need something that can support SMBv3, Google has an optional plugin for Android's Files/Downloads app.

Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer File Manager
Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free+