If you've got a Huawei Watch 2, you may want to hold off installing the new Oreo update for now. According to users on reddit, the update appears to disable the Android Pay app on watches that are outside the US or UK, even though Android Pay works in several other countries, including Australia and Canada.

Canadian user 401InvalidUsername says that Google's response to the removal was reportedly that "Android Pay for Google Wear hasn't launched outside of the US/UK." Of course, Android Pay has launched outside the US and UK — in 15 other countries, in fact — even if Android Pay for Wear hasn't. The issue is that Pay on Wear was actually working fine on Nougat even without official support, so this is a clear loss of functionality for Huawei Watch 2 owners.

One could even claim that Google hasn't exactly been very transparent about the fact that the availability of Android Pay for Wear isn't the same as the availability of Android Pay in general. If someone already used their phone to pay with Android Pay where they live, they could reasonably assume that they'd also be able to use Pay on any watch that supports it. Unfortunately, that assumption would actually be wrong in most countries.

There does seem to be a sort of workaround for users who have already updated their Watch 2's to Oreo: manually enabling Android Pay by searching for it in the Play Store does seem to temporarily get Pay to work. However, Pay will disable itself after a while, so it only works as a short-term solution, and given the number of steps involved in activating Pay each time you want to make a purchase, it's probably much easier to just use your phone instead.

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