Facebook rolled out a special Community Help section last year to do some good during a crisis. It's intended as a way for users to offer assistance to each other including food, shelter, and so on. Now, Facebook is going to let certain businesses and organizations post in Community Help to do the same.

According to Facebook, the first wave of organizations are getting access to the crisis management features now. They include Direct Relief, Lyft, Chase, Feeding America, International Medical Corps, The California Department of Forestry and Fire, and Save the Children. More will be added in the coming weeks as well.

Businesses with access to Community Help will be able to offer free or discounted services to users in affected areas. Charities will be able to direct people to aid following a disaster. They could also use Community Help to look for volunteers.

Facebook says people have engaged with Community Help more than 750,000 times since it launched a year ago. That sounds like an impressive metric, but it's just a reminder how crummy the world can be sometimes. Maybe it'll be a little less crummy for Facebook users in Community Help the next time something happens.