The Razer Phone launched last year with plenty of features that cater to power users. There's a 120Hz screen, a huge battery, front-facing speakers, and more. One thing that was missing: the option to flash factory images. The phone was unlockable, but the images didn't exist. Well, now they do.

To flash a factory image, you need an unlocked bootloader. Razer notes that unlocking the bootloader voids your warranty, but you're a rebel who don't need no warranty to be happy, right? Razer provides detailed instructions for flashing system images, which can be useful if you break something modding your phone. The factory image should get you back to a fully functional stock build.

Razer has images for all three incremental updates to the phone—November, December, and January. The January image is probably the only one you'll want to flash. They're all based on Android 7.1.1 as we wait for Razer to get an Oreo update out the door. Flash with caution.