YouTube Go has been in development for over a year and after it went out of beta, it has gathered millions of downloads and expanded to over 130 countries. Now the app has moved up significantly from version 0.71.70 to v1.01.61.

The update keeps the same interface and functionality almost all over the app but brings two new changes. The first and most useful are double-tap to seek controls like the ones the full YouTube added a year ago. Simply double tapping the left side of the video rewinds 10 seconds, whereas double tapping the right side skips forward 10 seconds. A small animation shows you this is happening. However, unlike the main YouTube app, there is no customization yet so you can't choose the number of seconds skipped forward or back.

The other change is a small but data-friendly one. When you tap a video, the quick thumbnails in the preview window don't play automatically. Instead there's a new Preview button you have to manually tap to load and play the previews.

YouTube Go v1.01 hasn't rolled to everyone yet so if you want to check it out, you can grab it from the Play Store and hope you get pushed to the new versions soon or you can skip the line and manually download the installation file from APK Mirror.

YouTube Go
YouTube Go
Developer: Google LLC
Price: To be announced
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