Gather 'round for some happy news, Arlo owners. If you've been envious of Nest's integration with Google Home and Assistant, the wait might be drawing to a close. Arlo has a landing page where it's promising that the Google Assistant integration is "coming soon" for its connected security cameras.

The entire page is very light on details and all we know is that you'll be able to stream any of your cameras by saying, "Ok Google, show me camera_name on tv/chromecast_name." That's the same thing you can do with Nest and Logi right now, and it requires a Chromecast connected to a TV or an Android TV set-top box to work. It's possible to issue the command from Assistant on a phone or on a Google Home, and I can imagine it'll work super well with the Smart Displays that are coming later this year.

There's no exact timeline for when the integration will go live, but when it does, you'll find Arlo among the list of possible Home control integrations in your Google Home app or Assistant settings.

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  • Peter Keefe