Samsung Internet for Gear VR is exactly what it sounds like; it's a web browser from Samsung designed for the Gear VR headset. The browser is mostly only used for navigating to WebVR experiences, but Samsung has added a few useful improvements in the latest update, including support for content blockers and streaming from DLNA servers.

Digital Living Network Alliance, better known as DLNA, is a protocol for streaming digital media between cable boxes, game consoles, media players, and computers. Samsung Internet for Gear VR now functions as a DLNA client, so you can stream media from other devices in your home. Want to watch a video file in VR? Just turn on your computer's media server and press a few buttons in Samsung Internet.

In addition to DLNA streaming, the browser also now supports content blockers (so you can use AdBlock and similar tools), Secret mode (private browsing with a PIN), and playing videos from USB OTG. The update includes performance and battery usage improvements as well. You can download the latest version from the Oculus Store.