Nowadays, there are several ways to watch content on your TV if you don't like using a set-top box. Smart TVs are one way to go, but they do have some downsides. For one, you're stuck with whatever software that comes with the TV, so you can't pick the platform you like best or that's most compatible with your devices. Then there's also the fact that the software on your smart TV will probably become outdated much sooner than the actual hardware will, so you're left with the prospect of buying an expensive new television just to get more up-to-date software. The alternative is to get a media streaming device, which have all (if not more) of the functionality of a dedicated smart TV, work with virtually any TV with an HDMI port, and are very affordable.

The Amazon Fire TV is one such streaming device, and today Amazon is running a sale on the 2017 version with 4K Ultra HD support and Alexa Voice Remote, bringing the price down from $69.99 to $49.99 — that's just 10 bucks more than the regular Fire TV stick which doesn't support 4K. There are several retailers who are selling the 4K Fire TV for the same price, including Best Buy, Target, and B&H. It looks like B&H is currently out of stock, but if you don't mind waiting 4 to 6 weeks, buying from B&H means you won't pay sales tax if you live outside of New York or New Jersey.

If you're thinking about purchasing a Fire TV, you really should hurry, though: the sale ends tonight at midnight.