There's one thing tinkerers everywhere can depend on: no matter how many times you do things right, every once in a while something goes wrong. When it comes to Android phones, that means it's good to keep backups if you plan on tweaking things at a root or ROM level. OnePlus seems to understand that, as the company has just added a local backups feature to its OnePlus Switch app.

OnePlus updated its app today (to the gratuitously long v1.1.0.180208220002.9af300a), and the changelog for it is just below:

* Added data backup function, which can backup your data locally in the OnePlus phone
* Fixed the issue of crashing on some non-OnePlus phones
* Improved the speed of QR code scanning when connecting two devices

I gave the feature a quick whirl myself, and it seems to work fine, though I haven't tried copying the backup between devices.

The new backup feature works for contacts, call logs, messages, pictures, audio, video, "system info" (by which OnePlus means ringtones, wallpapers, etc.), and installed applications. Backups are quick to make, as well, in no part likely due to the snappy storage OnePlus includes in its phones.

I haven't tried moving the backup the app makes to another phone, but I was able to restore the backup I created on the same device with no issues. This new feature should make moving between ROMs on OnePlus phones a bit easier, so long as you remember to copy the backup off of the device, should you wipe the internal storage/SD partition.

You can download the latest version of the app over at the Play Store, and enthusiasts can download it thanks to those fine tinker-friendly folks over at APK Mirror.