Nest's been in the news a lot lately, with word that it's being folded into Google's hardware division closely followed by the announcement that its last remaining founder is leaving the company. Nest's in that position because of its great connected home products, and thanks to a new app update they stand to get even better.

If you have a Nest Cam IQ, you might have encountered an issue whereby you have multiple familiar face entries that it just doesn't understand are the same person. Thankfully, Nest has solved that problem in the latest update by allowing you to merge those duplicate entries together. Happy days.

That's not all that's new in version, with better notifications for activity zones and an updated Nest Thermostat installation guide. Check out the full changelog below:

What's New

- Nest Cams with Nest Aware now have better Activity Zone notifications. Choose to receive alerts for people detected in a particular Activity Zone, or areas outside of all zones.

- Nest Cam IQ customers with Nest Aware can now merge duplicate familiar faces of the same person within their photo collections.

- Nest Thermostat installation is even easier with an updated wiring guide that will check system compatibility, and walk you through each step in connecting your new thermostat.

As usual, give the new version a try by updating it from the Play Store, or you can sideload it from APKMirror.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free