Hot on the heels of the Project Fi news, it appears that Google is being sued for another problem. Last year we reported that many original Pixel and Pixel XLs were having microphone-related issues caused by a physical defect in the device. Now the same group of attorneys that put together the LG bootloop lawsuit is seeking a class action against Google for the OG Pixel's microphone defect. 

Google did appear to take the original reports of microphone problems quite seriously last year, going so far as to replace phones which exhibited the issue. Accounts of the problem continue to pour in on Google's Product Forums, though.

This suit alleges that Google's replacement wasn't sufficient remedial action for those affected, though, as the replacement devices were capable of manifesting the same issues. The complaint argues that repair, refund, or replacement with non-defective merchandise would have been the correct course of action and that Google still continues to knowingly sell phones that may be affected by the defect without disclosing that fact to its customers.

It's still early days, though. This recent filling is just the initial complaint, and the class hasn't been certified just yet. If you were among those affected by this defect, you're invited to contact the attorneys participating in the suit.

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