A lot of cars these days come with USB ports for charging built-in, but that isn't always the case. Even when a car does come with one, often it's a laughably low-amperage port that's barely able to trickle-charge our modern phones. Thankfully Aukey just discounted a bunch of its car chargers on Amazon. With a coupon code, you can pick up a 4.8A combined two-port charger for just $3.50, or a three-port charger with USB Type-C (QC 3.0) and two USB Type-A ports (4.8A combined) for only $7.40.

Most of us probably have some sort of power-delivery solution put together for our cars, but these prices are trivially low and Amazon Prime eligible. If your current solution doesn't provide quite the amperage or number/type of ports that you'd like, $3.50 to $7.40 isn't a whole lot to spend. Ratings for each on Amazon are pretty good, too.

Just remember to use the coupon codes provided at checkout:

Personally, I just grabbed the USB-C one to replace my old 1A single-port charger. It's a bit beefier than the one it is replacing, but I've got the space, and it's time I stepped up my car charger to USB Type-C, even if I never drive it. And for $7.40 it's not hard to budget in.