Chrome notifications are great in theory, but now that virtually every site supports them, that constant, nagging banner under the URL bar can get annoying fairly quickly. Of course, you can always block each site individually, but that doesn't really solve the issue, since you'll still get the pop-up every time you visit a new site that supports Chrome's notifications.

What the banner looks like on Chrome for Android

The solution is quite simple, really: just head over to chrome://settings/content/notifications (you'll have to copy and paste that link manually) and flip that toggle from "Ask before sending" to "Blocked."

Disabling the prompt in Chrome for desktop

Chrome on Android works slightly differently, but the gist is the same. Here, just go to Settings in Chrome and scroll down to "Site Settings" under "Advanced." Then, tap on "Notifications" and switch that toggle from "Ask before allowing to send notifications" to "Blocked."

Toggling the notification banner in Chrome for Android

That's it! Now you can rest assured that Chrome won't pester you with that banner anymore.