Google's been playing around with its "Movie Concepts" montages in Google Photos for a year and a half now. In that time the app has brought us cats, smiles, holidays, and more, all based on the photos we take. But that's all been an automatic process almost entirely outside our control, with some people never even seeing these videos. All that changes today, as Google has now given us the ability to make our own themed movies in Google Photos. It's also introducing a new Valentine's Day theme for the upcoming holiday.

The new creation feature is live on both the Google Photos site and Android App, where it has a dedicated "Movie" button in the Assistant tab. The new feature is intuitive and simple to use. Just tap that Movie button, select the type of movie you'd like, and then choose from the faces (or pets) it has recognized from your photo library. Google handles the rest, and some movie types don't even require that much effort.


The process to make a "Meow Movie"

The hard work is still handled remotely on Google's servers, so once you've selected the type of film and the people to be included, you just have to wait while Google assembles things in the background for you, at which point you'll get a notification.

Once the video has been put together, you also have control over what goes into it. So you can selectively remove or add specific images, choose from Google's collection of theme music or your own, and even apply artistic filters. Editing appears to be an app-only affair, though. The desktop site doesn't have those features.

If you're excited to try out this latest addition, the feature appears to be live for everyone. So if you haven't downloaded the Google Photos app—and you should, it's one of Google's most impressive and useful services—you can head over to Google Play and pull down the latest version, or even download it from APK Mirror.

In the meantime, enjoy a trip with my enormous cat and me through the days of blurrycam and into the present era: