If you're an Android fan, which is not that far a stretch considering you're reading this, you've probably looked at Dead Zebra's Android Mini figurines and wished you had all the money to buy every single one. And now there's a new one for you to fawn over and maybe make you click that purchase button: a special edition Chinese New Year one for the Year of the Dog.

More than last year's Golden Rooster, the design is very reminiscent of Chinese culture and that bright red is gorgeous to look at. The figurine measures in at 3" in height and has antennae in the shape of dog ears plus a gold painted medallion collar, and it comes in a box with reflective gold foil. Fancy.

There's no price yet, but odds are it will cost $10 like most Android Mini figurines. The sale will be open tomorrow, February 7, at 11am EST, but shipping won't start until Friday February 9. There's a limit of 2 per household and you can add display cases to your purchase if you wish to show it off. You can check it out and join the wishlist at the link below.

The era of pre-orders is over. If you had your sights set on this particular 'droid, now you can actually buy one, though it is a tiny bit more expensive than we originally predicted: $12.