Last year Unicode announced that the upcoming Emoji 11.0 Beta had 130 new candidates, meaning up to 130 new emoji could be joining the ranks of 🤨, 🏩 , and 🍖. Now that they've had the time to sit and deliberate over which are to be included, Unicode has somehow come up with 27 additional emojis that merited inclusion. Unicode's Emoji 11.0 characters for 2018 will bring 157 new faces/foods/animals.

Entirely too much emoji

Notable new emojis worth your consideration include the Lobster, Woman Superhero, Woozy Face, Bagel, Supervillain, and Cupcake. For a full look at the upcoming set, you can check out Emojipedia's list for Emoji 11.0. Notably, reversible emojis are still on the table with the Emoji 11.0 spec, but there's no word yet on which emojis will get the treatment.

Even though Unicode has made its choice, it'll probably still be a while until we're swapping raccoons and bars of soap on our phones, though Google's new EmojiCompat might assist in the roll-out. Maybe Android P is for pirate? 🏴‍☠️