If all the previous "news" coming out of the company wasn't deturing enough for you, here's another chapter in the Turing Robotic Industries saga: it has now filed for bankruptcy in Finland. The company, which started by promising an ultra-secure smartphone in 2015 with Android 5.1 but turned around and decided on Sailfish OS instead, only to keep on delaying production again and again then promise one outrageous upgrade after the other, has, surprisingly, run out of funds. Gasp.

The news came on February 3 from Finnish newspaper Salon Seudun Sanomat, which was following Turing and its CEO Steve (Syl) Chao's progress in Salo, Finland, a city that was promised a resurrection of sorts after Nokia's demise and where Turing had rented an empty warehouse for tens of thousands of euros. SSS's report said that creditors filed a claim with the company in 2017 and all of the company's movable property has been seized.

But that's not the story Steve Chao would like you to believe. In a post on Facebook, he claims that the bankruptcy doesn't mean the company is going out of business (which is technically true), it just wants to suspend its operations in Salo.

Dear TRI customers and followers,

A recent news about TRI's Salo company filing for bankruptcy may have sent an uneasy feeling to some of you. We want you to know that this filing was initiated to temporarily suspend our manufacturing intentions in Salo, however it doesn't mean that TRI is bankrupt. We will be posting the latest developments concerning the future of TRI in the coming weeks.

Thank you.

Syl Chao

And as if filing for bankruptcy then claiming everything is good is not delusional enough, another report from SSS this morning says that the relentless Chao is adamant about TRI not being in debt and him not moving operations out of Salo. Instead, he's setting up a new company in the city with his same old partners Karri Suosara and Ilkka Matinpalo under the name Turing Robotic Industries Kepler. You'd think it doesn't get any better until you realize the acronym would be TRIK.

Alternate title: As TRI is Finnished, Chaos reigns and promises Turing things around in another mind-bending TRIK

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