Google started a slow rollout of a revamped Google Calendar on the web some months ago. It recently threw the switch to make it the default interface for everyone, but as usual, some features from the old UI were missing. Today, the option to put dates in the title of events has returned.

Adding a time in the title is handy because you don't need to fiddle with the time selectors at all. This was possible in the old Google Calendar, but it was missing in the new redesign until now. You can try it yourself right now. Type "Some event at 3PM," and Google Calendar should automatically add 3PM as the event time without your cursor getting anywhere near the field.

This is an example of Google listening to the users—sometimes complaining works. There are several support threads where people ask why the feature was removed, and some (like Artem) contacted Google support directly. Here's the reply.

Your feedback about Google Calendar
Thanks for your feedback. This is what you told us:

Please add the ability to create events and specify date/time in the event name, like we used to able to. This has to be the #1 feature request from your users.

Based on the feedback you submitted, we’ve been hard at work to bring the convenience of creating events simply by typing the title and time to the new Calendar on web. To quickly create an event, click the space next to the date you want to add an event to, and type your event’s title and time. Calendar will automatically create the event at the right time for you. TIP: You can also press Shift + C to quickly add an event from anywhere in Calendar!

Your suggestions help us continually improve Google Calendar and we’re grateful you took the time to let us know what you think.
The Google Support Team

As you can see in the GIF above, the feature is working already. Keep in mind, this applies to the quick-add interface when you click on a day to add events. Opening the full new event interface doesn't seem to parse times in the title yet.