The Humble Mobile Bundles are well-known for a few good reasons. They're a great way to get a ton of mobile games on the cheap, and each pack usually has a fun theme going on. Well, this bundle might skip out on the latter, but it still stays true to its deal-seeking roots. The Humble Mobile Bundle 22 includes titles like Oxenfree, Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story, Death Road to Canada, Galaxy of Pen & Paper, and Mushroom 11. 

Like all of Humble Bundle's recent mobile bundles, you've got three pay tiers for unlocking various titles. The base $1 price gets you Splitter Critters, Star Vikings Forever, and Galaxy of Pen & Paper. If you beat the average—$4.82 at the time of writing—you can get Oxenfree (which I quite liked), Mushroom 11, and Another Lost Phone: Laura's Story. The final $5 tier gets you Party Hard Go and Death Road to Canada.

As always, all the same Humble Bundle details apply. The games are all DRM-free, downloadable through Humble's app, and you can set how much of your cash goes to charity, the developers, and Humble Bundle itself. You've got a bit under two weeks to pick up this bundle before it's gone, so you've got some time to think about it—just in case $5 is worth deliberating over. If it makes a difference, Humble Bundle claims they'd cost $45 if purchased individually.